How much will it cost to translate a text?

It depends heavily on the type of text in question, the length, the source and target languages, the format and the field. At Exero Soluciones, we work to adapt to your budget. Therefore, we analyze each and every one of the factors of the text you want translated in order to offer you the best price possible. Send us the text to be translated and we will quickly send you a quote.

Are all translators native speakers?

Of course. At Exero, we only work with native professionals who translate into their mother tongue. These professionals have extensive cultural experience and work full-time as translators in their specialized areas.

What if I need a text urgently?

At Exero, we always advise our clients to plan the necessary time for the translation of their documents or products. Translating is an intellectual process that requires time and concentration to produce quality output. However, since we understand that sometimes the market has demands and the client needs quick solutions, we offer an urgent translation service at an additional cost. Contact us and we will try to give you the best turnaround time possible.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a type of translation that has inherent legal implications and, therefore, must be completed by a sworn translator designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These translations have an additional cost and will bear the seal of the Sworn Translator.

What are translator support tools?

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools are fundamental for any professional company in today’s translation industry. They are extremely helpful in the management of any translation project, regardless of the size, and allow text that has already been translated to be re-used. This results in greater terminological consistency, faster turnaround time and a reduction of translation costs, so that we can offer a more competitive rate.

Translation support tools are not automatic translation tools, but rather programs that assist in the work of translators, reviewers, project managers, etc. At present, automatic translation is not a viable alternative, though it is advancing quickly. At Exero, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the latest technological advances in the translation industry.

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