Why Exero?

We offer comprehensive solutions from the minute we receive the documentation for preparing a quote, through to the time of delivery and in the format you need. These solutions range from translation, proofreading, final review, terminology glossary creations, quality control, etc.

By adhering to this simple yet effective process, we guarantee quality service that has been backed by the satisfaction of our clients over many years.

We work with the latest hardware and software technologies for website translations, software localizations, online newsfeed updates and multimedia product translations. In addition, our powerful scanners and printers help us carry out text recognition tasks and draft prints to correct format.

Why should you choose us as your multilingual language vendor?


Our best calling card

Our best calling card is our custom service for each client and our efforts to adapt to their needs. Each client is a world of its own, and we at Exero offer what you need: nothing more, nothing less. The personalized attention we invest in all translation projects is, in itself, the best guarantee of success.

Native professional translators

Our collaborators translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

When translating, it is especially important to have a deep command of the source language, but it is even more important to be able to correctly capture all of the details in the target language.

The professional must have excellent writing skills, understand the subtleties of the language and have an in-depth knowledge of the grammar, syntax and spelling rules of the target language.

By only translating into their mother tongue, translators can employ the appropriate idiomatic expressions and ensure that the target text does not look like a translation or appear too literal, but rather, that it reads as if it were originally written in that language.

Just one translation company for all your needs

some companies specialize in a specific language combination, but what happens when the client needs a translation into another language?

At Exero, we prevent the client from having to need to seek out new resources, and we offer translation services into every language in the world.

Our company’s international outlook and eagerness to provide comprehensive services to our clients has led us to create an international network of partnerships with translation companies so that your documentation can be translated into the languages that you need.

To do this, when we started in the translation industry, we meticulously selected partners to be able to cover all possible language combinations.

We have created strong collaborative ties with other companies of the same size and a similar work philosophy, who use a methodology like ours and whose objectives align with those that we have set out.

The result has been a network that, today, years later, allows us to offer all types of language combinations with the guarantee that the result will be the same as that which we would obtain with our internal methodology and quality standards.

This network of collaborators will be available to you, so that your products can reach any part of the world. You will have the assurance that the team of professionals responsible for translating your product will reliably understand the needs of the target market, and will specialize in the subject in question. We will also help you better internationalize your product based on the specific market in which you wish to sell it.


Teamwork is an infallible guarantee of success.

At Exero Soluciones, we know that there is strength in numbers and that teamwork is the basis for achieving success. Therefore, teamwork is at the core of our methodology: Project Manager, terminologist, translator, reviewer, proofreader, DTP engineer… All form part of the translation process and make up a team that, thanks to a shared philosophy and fluid, obstacle-free communication, offers the quality the client expects of us.

Being part of the client’s team

Being part of the client’s team is one of our priorities. We want to feel that we are part of your team in order to best understand your needs.

Therefore, in addition to being honest and respecting the client above all else, we also strive to maintain an attitude that is consistently proactive, patient and friendly.

Communication is fundamental to achieving this objective and we must be amiable and make sure not to unnecessarily bother the client.

We want our clients to be satisfied with our services and to develop a long-term relationship with us, which will allow us to understand each other more over time and to offer the solutions expected of us. At the same time, we work to make sure the translation services are not a problem for our clients, so that they can focus on what is truly important for their business.

Exporting can be a mysterious adventure into the unknown

It’s obvious that you have to be prepared for the exporting process. For your products to reach faraway destinations, your potential clients need to truly understand their value, and this is impossible without a good translation.

We will advise you and offer consulting services throughout the entire translation process so that your products have the necessary effect in the target market. You will not be alone in the adventure of exporting, and that extra confidence will help you generate a positive impact on your exportation process.

Proactivity, efficacy and creativity

These three attributes are in our DNA. When we start a translation project, we work to communicate efficiently with the client, as well as to search and determine what the client needs so that the translation process is as smooth as possible.

With our experience, we are able to propose ideas and to predict situations that could lead to discrepancies when embarking on the translation. We will address all of these topics beforehand, so that no unfortunate circumstances arise in the middle of the project that could cause delays. That is to say, by acting proactively, we ensure that the project plan is adhered to without incident. This efficacy always translates into the full satisfaction of the client, who will receive a service rendered with care and meticulous attention to detail.

It could be said that the added value provided by Exero Soluciones in all of its services is yet another guarantee of your success.

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