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We give you a warm welcome to EXERO!

The Exero Soluciones Blog


We’re a translation agency headquartered in Guadalajara (the one in Spain). We work to put your products into the international market and open your business up to the rest of the world. As our name suggests, we provide language SOLUTIONS to businesses and private clients. We stand out from the rest for our quality translations, rapid turnaround time, and above all, our customer service. With a long list of satisfied clients to back us up, we’ve got the right to brag a little bit.


EXERO comes from Latin and means “bring to the light.”


In our (little) free time we’re detectives and explorers in the world of translation and we want to bring our discoveries to the light. That’s why we created this blog!
This blog is the ship we use to navigate the ever-changing waters of the translation seas. We’ll cover lots of different topics, but we promise that they’ll always be useful and interesting.


For example:
  • Everything you ever wondered about translation
  • The best translation tools in the business
  • What’s currently happening in translation
  • Advice for future translators
  • Language curiosities



Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy reading our blog and that you learn something.
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