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The crown jewel

Exero is all about a passion for communication, in any language, in any field. Bridging the gap between people and cultures is what inspires us to do our best work each and every day.

Throughout our journey, we’ve learned to adapt to the market’s technological changes and to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

In the era of globalization, the services we provide are more complex than ever before, which means that we deliver not only a range of premium language services backed by years of experience, but also reach more people and adapt to the needs of our clients, no matter their line of business.
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We’re nothing without our team. Translation remains an art form, one rooted in the linguistic expertise of the hundreds of translators who work with us. This personal touch is never lost, because it’s at the heart of what we do, and the value we add to our services.

Nevertheless, everything else has to evolve, and that’s the cornerstone of our commitment to our clients: we streamline translation by eliminating all those cumbersome processes and outdated extra steps which only serve to make the process more expensive.

Exero learned years ago that automation and artificial intelligence can make a big difference in our relationships with clients. While the translation and revision processes are still performed by the professionals on our team, project management is completely automated, keeping costs down and avoiding potential complications.

Our cutting-edge cloud management system makes it possible to offer competitive services while simultaneously maintaining the ISO 17100.2015 quality standard with which our company is accredited.

What’s more, at Exero we harness the power of technology to help our team of translators work more cohesively, with consistent terminology, greater accuracy and agility when it comes to adapting to each client’s instructions and individual needs..

All translation services include a thorough revision performed by another professional specialized in the industry. Both translators are native speakers with extensive experience in their fields. Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we can work with any language and any specialty in the world.


Attention to detail

To err is human, but when a document is truly important, we can’t let even the smallest errors slip by. Mistakes, typos and gaffes show up where we least expect them, and if the quality of your text is less than perfect, it can put your company’s entire image in jeopardy. The risk of errors increases if the document has gone through several formats, making a precise and detailed revision all the more necessary.

Mindful of the losses this could entail for businesses, we don’t cut corners when it comes to making sure everything is perfect. Text revision is an indispensable language service for demanding projects.
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Can you imagine finding an error you missed after printing thousands of copies of your company’s brochure? Or finding a sentence that could be misinterpreted? Or imagine someone finding mistakes on your website and losing an important client because they don’t trust your professionalism.

At Exero, we always offer our text revision services as part of our translation process. But we don’t stop there. We also offer grammar, style, and concept revision for companies who need to be sure that their texts meet the highest possible quality standards.

This can be useful when the text was written by a technical specialist without linguistic training, when you have a translation done by a non-professional, or when the text was not written by a native speaker of the language.

We accomplish this with the help of our fantastic team of proofreaders specialized in all disciplines: law, medicine, marketing, software, engineering, and more. Quality comes first and with Exero you can rest assured that your message will always be flawless.


When translation isn’t enough

Have ideas, concepts and messages that need to be translated in a creative, clever or funny way? Then you need a whole new approach.

Transcreation is a process that goes beyond simple translation. Think of it like localization on steroids: the process involves transforming ideas, and occasionally zooming out from the content in the source language, to elicit the same sensations in readers as the original message.
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Transcreation is more than just expressing foreign concepts and names in a way that’s more familiar to readers. It also includes visual elements such as colors, sizes and shapes that are better adapted to cultural preferences.

Even the slightest changes can spell a huge difference in making your message land better with your target audience, and a good transcreation is indistinguishable from native content.

It’s the ultimate language service for the publicity and marketing industries, since it adapts high-persuasion messages from one language to another, using the source material as inspiration to create content for the target market that has the same power and meaning as the original.

There are marketing campaigns that might end up being offensive in another place. A poor transcreation could completely destroy your campaign, even your brand image. It’s not just a stylistic decision. Close attention needs to be paid to certain images that can offend sensibilities in some places.

If you’re looking to launch your international marketing campaign, hiring a specialized company is vitally important.

At Exero, we have years of experience helping companies internationalize their products and services. Our experience with transcreation can help you to launch your marketing campaign abroad.


The best of both worlds

hybrid between machine translation and human translation, machine translation post-editing has recently become one of the most in-demand services.

While at Exero we always recommend that our clients choose human translation—it’s the best way to ensure professional quality and results— it's possible that post-editing may be the most viable option for certain documents and in certain circumstances.

If the client is short on time or has a more limited budget, there are some types of translations that can benefit from this hybrid approach, which may be the ideal solution for the client.
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The process is very simple:
1. Our project managers assess the content in question to determine if post-editing is a viable option.
2. If it is, the document is translated with a market-leading machine translation engine that harnesses the power of AI to learn as the proofreader makes changes.
3. One of our professional proofreaders then tweaks and polishes the text so that the translation reads well and makes sense.

For many clients, post-editing is the perfect option. Sometimes, clients may be thinking about translating a large quantity of content that could open doors in another market, but the cost of human translation is too high. Post-editing makes it possible to cut down on costs and get acceptable-quality documentation, which could mean a new source of business.

As our clients’ linguistic partners, we’re always available to advise them on the best option for their needs, keeping in mind different variables such as time, budget, or volume.


Get ready to go global

Localization? But isn't that the same thing as translation? It might seem that way at first, and while the two are very similar, they’re actually very different processes.

We’re localization expert at Exero, backed by 25 years of work in this field, and we know it can be tough to grasp the nuances at first.

In the strictest sense of the word, localize means adapting any cultural and local reference so that the reader feels like the target document was written by a native speaker of their own language. Translation, on the other hand, is simply rendering texts from one language into another, maintaining the meaning of the original.
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We’ll explain it with a simple example. Imagine that you created an app to calculate distances and you want to sell it in the United States. You send the content to be translated and when John Smith in Chicago downloads the app, he finds that the measurements are displayed in kilometers. John Smith has never measured distance in kilometers in his life, so he gets annoyed and ends up leaving you a negative review in the app store.

If you had localized the app instead of just translating it, you could have saved poor John Smith some trouble – and your business a negative review.

Some typical examples of texts that may need a localization process are computer programs, marketing documents, online shopping sites, documentation for TV or multimedia channels, social media posts, collaborative tools, etc.

A reliable localization process will include not just translators, but also engineers who compile and decompile files, testers who check that everything works from a linguistic, aesthetic, and functional perspective, and project managers who specialize in managing projects across various languages.

These days, anyone who wants to develop an online product has to think about and prepare for its future localization, even before creating it in their own language.

At Exero, we’re experts in localization, and we work with national and international clients, updating their websites every day as part of projects in different languages. And we have over 25 years of experience and millions of translated words to prove it.

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